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Welcome to the City of London shop


  • Gifts
    Silk Tie

    Navy with Coat of Arms of the City, narrow red and white stripes, shadow logo of the Chamberlain's Seal

  • Gifts
    Sterling Silver Cuff Links

    Sterling silver and vitreous enamel cufflinks, 16mm x 19mm shield shape with solid swivel cufflink attachment. Please note this item has a polished gilt finish.

  • Gifts
    Tie Pin / Lapel Badge

    Cross of St. George, Sword of St. Paul


New in

  • Books
    The Curious Cookbook: Viper Soup, Badger Ham, Stewed Sparrows and 100 More Historic Recipes

    From the frugal to the fantastical, The Curious Cookbook contains some of the most unusual recipes from historical cookery books, from the Middle Ages to the Second World War, to present a positive gallimaufry of fabulous food and other oddities.

  • Books
    The Visitor's Guide to the City of London Churches

    This revised edition is an authoritative but easy to understand introduction to the churches within the City of London, and includes a foreword by Simon Jenkins. The book covers 47 places of worship and 11 other churches that are either ruined or where now only towers exist.

  • Books
    London Sketchbook: A Pictorial Celebration

    A celebration of one of the world's great cities, 'London Sketchbook' is packed with over 200 evocative watercolour illustrations of the author's favourite landmarks and sights.