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    Sterling Silver Cuff Links

    Sterling silver and vitreous enamel cufflinks, 16mm x 19mm shield shape with solid swivel cufflink attachment. Please note this item has a polished gilt finish.


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  • Books
    Masters' Badges of the City of London Livery Companies

    This work endeavours to trace the history of the badges of office worn by the masters, prime wardens and upper bailiff of the City's Livery Companies.

  • Books
    Covent Garden: An Illustrated History

    An illustrated history of Covent Garden, an area that has long been associated with entertainment and leisure, as well as with the fruit and vegetable market it housed until 1974.

  • Books
    The Visitor's Guide to the City of London Churches

    This revised edition is an authoritative but easy to understand introduction to the churches within the City of London, and includes a foreword by Simon Jenkins. The book covers 47 places of worship and 11 other churches that are either ruined or where now only towers exist.