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  • Billingsgate Market
    Red Smiler Fish
    Billingsgate Market

    Billingsgate is the UK's largest fish market, offering buyers the chance to see a selection of fish

  • New research publications
    Research Publications
    New research publications

    Browse our economic research publications and reports

  • City Business Library
    City Business Library, your place to be inspired.
    City Business Library

    Free access to databases and publications, seminars, workshop and meeting/training room hire

  • Environmental protection
    Noise disturbance illustration
    Disturbed by noise?

    If you are suffering from excessive noise in the City we can help, advise and investigate the matter

  • Licensing
    wine glasses and bottle

    From premises and alcohol and entertainment, to tables and chairs or charity collection

  • Environmental health
    Noise monitoring in the City
    Environmental health

    The City of London is responsible for health and safety enforcement, environmental health and legislation

  • Food safety
    Photo Public House
    Food safety

    Find out more about food safety, guidance and registering a food business in the City of London

  • Business rates
    pen hovering over a cheque
    Business rates

    Comprehensive information on paying your business rates in the City of London

  • Asia Programme
    beijing skyline
    Asia Programme

    Our programme of work in China, India and across Asia