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coloured sketch of a churched surrounded by a green functional churchyard

The City's churchyards are historic open spaces, providing green, tranquil havens from the City’s intensity and essential places to rest and enjoy. Many are popular green spaces but others are underutilised and need improvement.

  • Map of the City's churchyards
    find out locations of the city churchyards using our interactive map
    Use our interactive map to see locations of churchyards in the Square Mile.

A public consultation to find your views on the City Churchyards was held in October 2017.

Download the Churchyards Enhancement programme consultation report (8MB)

We are working in partnership with the Diocese of London and St Paul's Cathedral to develop a programme of enhancement projects for the City Churchyards which aim to:

  • Provide high quality, inspiring and sustainable spaces
  • Ensure safe and inclusive places for all the City's communities
  • Provide enhanced areas to play, relax and work, including accommodating 'agile working' in response to projected increase in worker, visitor and resident numbers in the City

We consulted the public on four themes, to capture key characteristics of the City churchyards:

  • Character - The unique quality of these historic green and tranquil spaces is conserved and enhanced
  • Connectivity - the churchyards are communicated as a public asset for people to enjoy, navigate and access easily
  • Community The churchyards are open to all users, providing an accessible and welcoming environment
  • Care - A high standard of maintenance ensures the churchyards remain as enjoyable spaces and do not deteriorate over time.

Funding and consents

The City proposes to use some of its Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL) neighbourhood pot to deliver the churchyard enhancements as well as securing additional funds from other sources. CIL is the statutory charge applied to new development to help fund the infrastructure needed to support planned development in the area.

Infrastructure to be funded by the City CIL in accordance with the 2014 Regulation 123 List will include:

  • Publicly accessible open space
  • Sports and recreation facilities
  • Public Realm enhancement

Any alterations, including change of use, would be subject to the relevant consents including planning permission and the Church of England Faculty procedure.

Contact us

​For enquiries about the City Churchyards programme contact:

City Public Realm team
PO Box 270
Guildhall EC2P 2EJ

020 332 3529